Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 Green Apple

Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 Green Apple

Availability: Most grocery stores. I get mine from Walmart or any president’s choice store.

Average Cost: 13$ for 950 mL

Rating: 8/10


I personally love this product. I use it all the time. I generally shower every second day. I find when my hair is dry it is soft and fluffy. It also smells like apples till the next day, when I shower. I did test and I noticed it takes about 3 to 4 days for my hair to get oily again after

using this shampoo and conditioner. It holds the scent for 3 days though. I gave it an 8, because while it holds for 3 days doing regular day to day tasks, it doesn’t hold while camping. I go camping every summer and you don’t really have access to showers. So you need something that holds for those long periods of time and while doing various strenuous tasks like swimming in a lake.

If you’ve seen the commercial or read the bottle it says it gets rid of dandruff. I personally don’t have super bad dandruff, but I know a few people who do and use Head and Shoulders. I’ve noticed it works for me and they’ve told me it works for them.

I buy the 2 in 1 because it costs the same as 1 bottle of shampoo or conditioner. If you get both bottles you are using the same amount of both so you are throwing money down the drain. That’s my personal opinion.

I picked green apple because I love fruity smells, especially Green Apple. their are other smells like citrus breeze, tea tree and mint, and old spice for the men out there.

Good enough or not good at all?

With all said above. If you get the 2 in 1 yes it is Good enough.

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