Garnier Fructis Hair Mask

Availability: Most grocery stores. I get mine from Amazon or Walmart.

Average Cost: 3$ for 100mL

Rating: 9/10


I personally use it as a conditioner, but it can be used in 3 different ways. It makes your hair softer. It doesn’t take much of the cream too. It feels like it actually does repair your hair and make it healthier. It actually makes your hair look and feel better. I personally like the banana the best. It actually smells like banana. It only comes in small containers of 100mL unfortunately, but you can reuse the containers easily or give them to the kids for crafts. This product makes brushing your hair easier. I tested to see how long I could go without brushing. I lasted a week and had tons of mats in my hair. I took a shower and used the Banana Hair mask and Brushing my hair was a breeze.

Good enough or not good at all?

Despite the small amount. It is Good Enough.

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