Dove deodorant VS Nivea deodorant

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The criteria for this battle is smell, cost, residue left behind, where to buy and how well it works and allergies.

First category is smell. Nivea has 8 different smells. Some of them smell stronger then others. A  few of them have a perfume like smell. Some of them have a less strong scent. Dove has about 14 different smells. They aren’t as strong as some of Nivea’s, but they are strong enough to be able to smell them. They do have a very fake smell, but it’s not a strong chemical smell. Dove wins this round!!

On to the second criteria, the cost. Nivea is 2.96$ for 50mL and Dove is 2.96$ for 75g. From these stats Dove wins again!

Third round is residue left behind. Nivea is a liquid, so it doesn’t leave any residue behind. Dove on the other hand is a white solid. It leaves a white residue on your clothes. So this one has to go to Nivea!

Fourth category which is where to buy. Dove and Nivea can both be bought at any supermarket. It’s a tie!!

Final round is how well it works. Nivea you can put on in the morning and it lasts till the next morning. It doesn’t last through a workout though. You can put more on after the workout. It is also anti allergy. Dove you can put on in the morning and it lasts till the evening. It doesn’t last through a workout, but you can reapply. Dove wins this one!!

Nivea 1.5

Dove 3.5

Dove takes the crown!!

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