Trident Layers VS Juicy Fruit


The criteria for this battle is Taste, length of Flavor, color, where to buy and cost.

First round is taste. Juicy Fruit has 5 different fruity Flavors. Trident layers has 13 different flavours. Both are fruity flavours. Trident wins this round 1-0 trident.

Second Criteria is length of flavour. Juicy Fruit last about 9 mins before it starts to lose it’s flavour after about 15 mins it’s almost gone. Trident Layers flavour lasts about 1-2 hours and can last for 7 hours before it disappears. so Trident wins again.

Third is colour. Juicy Fruit is yellow a bright and happy colour. Trident Layers has multiple colours. Two colours in each different kind. I think Trident also wins this one as well.

Fourth round is where to buy. Both you can buy at almost every store. So it’s a tie.

Final round is cost. Juicy Fruit costs 3.47$ for  4 packs. Trident layers is 3.27$ for 3 packs. So Juicy Fruit wins this one.

1.5 for Juicy Fruit

3.5 for Trident Layers

Trident Layers wins. It’s the Superior Gum!

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