Old Spice VS Axe Shampoo

The criteria is smell, how well it works, where to buy and cost.

Category one Smell. Old Spice has 15 different smells. It doesn’t have a super strong smell. It does over power female smells, but not enough to make you sick. Axe has 8 different smells. It has a very strong smell, overpowering. If you put to much it can make you sick and you can taste it. Old Spice wins!!!

Second criteria how well it works. Old Spice makes hair look good. It makes hair soft and easy to comb. The 2 in 1 makes it quicker then using both shampoo and conditioner. They also offer a 3 in 1 to use as body wash as well. But I don’t recommend showering with it everyday as most shampoo’s it strips your hair. Axe makes hair soft and clean. It gets rid of dandriff they offer the 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 as well. Also like Old Spice I don’t recommend showering everyday. So it’s a tie!!

Third Category where to buy. Old Spice and Axe can be bought at many different stores. So that’s a tie again!!

final round is cost. Old Spice is 3.98$ 355mL and Axe is 4.47$ 355mL Old Spice wins this round!

Axe 1 Old Spice 4

Old Spice is crowned the best!!!

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