Win big is Sweepstakes

Entering to win sweepstakes many people just ignore them. So here are some tips on how to win them. It’s not a foul proof way though.

  1. Have a separate e-mail for just entering sweepstakes

This is so that your regular e-mail doesn’t get an overwhelming amount of junk mail.

     2. If the rules permit Enter, Enter, Enter

The more entries you have the better your chances are of winning.

     3. Start in smaller contests then work your way out

By that I mean start with city wide contests and then work your way out to country wide contests.

     4. Enter on social media

Many people disregard contests on Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also make sure your social media account is unlocked so sponsors can see your account. You will be automatically disqualified if you don’t.

    5. Read the rules

It might seem straight forward, but 40% of people get disqualified for not following the rules. But that’s good news for you.

     6. Look for contests that run for a short time.

If the contest runs for a short time people have less of an opportunity to enter. So you have a better shot at winning.


Just watch out for scammers. For sweepstakes they will not need any payments of any sort. Not credit card information either. Also it may seem like a no brainer but don’t call about contests you never entered to begin with. Don’t give any personal information like SIN numbers. There is no such thing as closing costs or shipping costs so please don’t fall for that. Also check out sweepstakes site options.

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