Black Panther 2018

Rating: 9/10


The first Marvel Universe colour superhero movie. It’s very action packed and thrilling. there are lots of fight scenes that Marvel movies seem to have. It has hand to hand combat and female warriors. Very few Marvel movies have female warriors. It will be exciting to see if the new Black Panther will be just as good as the first. It was good watching the family dynamic. One fighting for revenge and one fighting for something he was raised to do. Chadwick Baseman who plays the Black Panther played a very lovable hero. He played a hero you can connect with. Michael Jordan who plays Erik Killmonger the villain. He makes you feel for the villain. All the actors did an amazing job. The next movie will either come out in 2021 or Feb 18 2022 for the unnamed movie that Marvel says they are releasing. So it will be a little while before we get to take another trip to Wakanda, but I will sit on the edge of my seat waiting.

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