Getting cheap airline tickets

Cheap airline tickets may seem far and few in between, but they aren’t. Follow some of these tips to get nice and cheap flights.

  • Start by not flying on Friday or Sundays. Those are the most popular days to fly.
  • Fly early in the morning or over meal times.
  • Fly out on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday

  • Get tickets 5-6 weeks before your flight. generally 47 days before your flight.
  • Book either on a Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning
  • Get Air Mile credit cards to get frequent flyer points on all purchases.
  • If you have to get a mortgage or open something with a bank look for incentives. Sometimes they will offer cheaper or free flights.
  • Follow airlines on Facebook and Twitter they often put up price reductions before they e-mail subscribers.

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  • If you clear browser cookies it will prevent traveling companies from tracking you and raising the prices on you.
  • Follow let there be travel they can tell you great deals.
  • Avoid the week before, during and after the holidays.
  • Volunteer to get bumped. Some flights over book and they ask if someone would like to bump to the next flight. They will usually offer an incentive like cheaper tickets or free future tickets.
  • Book directly with the airline. It’s cheaper then with a third party.

I don’t really consider it a good deal unless it’s 0.06$ per mile or less then that. These are the tips that I follow when booking a flight. Try to follow at least one of them and you will get a cheaper flight.

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