Makeup on a budget

I know that make up can be insanely expensive. I have a few palettes that easily costed over 100$. I got them as gifts so I didn’t spend on them, but if you are easily spending 100$ on 1 or 2 makeup items. Well there are much better things you can be spending your money on. Hopefully some of these brands stand out to you and you know where to get them. If you don’t well we will cross that bridge at the end of this post.

If you are looking into MAC’s makeup. Please don’t buy it. that is a sure way to go broke quickly. Get Covergirl. They are good quality, some of the colors are very similar and they are so much cheaper.

Another amazing cheap brand is E.L.F.  You can get a kit that has 10 eye shadow palette, an eye brow pencil, lip gloss and a makeup brush for 20$ That is very well priced out. That’s 5$ a piece.

Instead of getting MAC lipsticks maybe steer towards Maybelline. The price difference is well worth the switch. Maybelline you can get a lip stick for 8$. Mac’s lipstick is 23$. That’s literally 15$ in savings right there and if you get Maybelline on sale as it frequently does go on sale you are saving even more.

Skip getting Nars and Get Nyx. Colorpop cosmetics is also a good idea.

Maybelline color tattoo is a lot cheaper then Mac’s pro long wear paint pot. I also know that Color tattoo stays on all night when you are partying at the club. They also have similar colors to each other.

Hard candy instead of Make up forever. I will be honest I have never used either band. I heard they are both goo but Hard candy is cheaper so it ultimately takes the cake for me.

Essence is a good make up brand I believe it is also a nail polish brand. L’oreal is also up to snuff with these big shots. Of good make up but also falls under the cheap category.

I personally use Rimmel and Color tattoo the most for cheaper makeup’s.

I use Joe fresh lip gloss and lip cream because I find it goes on to the lips super nice and easy and stays on long term. You can also get it super cheap sometimes. I bought mine at 1$. You just gotta wait for the right deals sometimes.

You can also find good deals on Websites such as Amazon or Wish they have good make up that you can get for cheap. You can also get good applicators there for cheap.

These other brands I mentioned you can get at most drug stores. You can get them at presidents choice stores (For the Canadians out there). You can also get them from Walmart.

Let me know what cheap makeup brands you get. How do you get your makeup cheap? What are your tips and tricks?

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