Traveling on a budget

I know most people want to travel the world. I know I do, but I always have an excuse. I can’t take the time off work. I can’t afford it. Well I can’t help if you can’t take the time off work but I can give you tips on how to afford it.

First pack light. You won’t have to check a bag. Sometimes airlines include checked bags with the price of your ticket. So make sure you go with an airline that doesn’t do that in that case.

Check multiple sites and apps. I think this one is kind of a no duh one. Checking multiple sites and apps. You can see different options and prices.

You can save money with cheap destinations. The cheaper the destination the less you end up spending.

If you are a student or volunteer get a travel scholarship. This can take traveling and make it free. Some companies that you volunteer with may make the trip free.

Sometimes you can save money by traveling with Expedia. Other times not so much, So make sure you still check around. It may seem simple to just go to one site, but the more sites the better.

Save on travel costs by driving. It may take longer but if you drive it. It will generally be cheaper.

Use a groupon. There are Groupons for almost everything. Make sure you take advantage when you can.

Call the hotel directly if you are booking last minute. They will most likely have discounts.

Use an Airbnb for savings. I personally don’t like Airbnb’s, but that doesn’t mean they are cheaper then a hotel.

Volunteer abroad with WWOOF. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Essentially you go all over the world farming organic food. You pick the place you want to go then you pay a very small price. Then you pick a host. Then off you go. You have to purchase your own travel and health insurance. Also the travel costs are your responsibility.

Don’t dine out every night. Cook your own food some nights. Just like at home it’s cheaper to make your own food then to go out and buy. You can either make microwave food as hotels generally have microwaves. Make none cook foods. You can also bring a hot plate and make food that way.

Do some of my tips on how to save money with Airplane travel.

Find Cost effective all inclusive stays. They may seem impossible to find but you can stumble across them.

You can make money while traveling with Ebates and Ibotta.

Get a deal on every meal out that you go to. Search up the websites of the restaurants around you. They will advertise the deals there.

Use hotel rewards that you can gain with credit cards. has a membership if you spend 10 nights you get 1 free night. Some people may find that worth it. Others not so much.

Don’t do direct flights. It’s cheaper to have a layover of some sort.

Traveling can be very expensive but as you can see there are tips and tricks to cut down the cost. How do you cut down the cost of traveling?

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