Go on a cruise on a budget

Going on a cruise can be the most rewarding but expensive thing you ever do. Here are some tips and tricks to save money when booking and on the cruise.

Either book early. Keep monitoring the prices though.

Try to use a travel agent or third party. They can usually get you good deals.

Book a guaranteed state room. That means you get the lowest price on the room you are interested in. You simply don’t get to choose your suites exact location.

Always buy Wifi before you embark on your cruise. The cruise will usually give you a 10%-15% discount if you book in advance.

Get a minutes refund. If you have a legitimate problem with your wifi visit the desk manager to fix it and get and get them refunded.

Always book Travel insurance with a third party. The cruise company will usually offer a travel insurance but it’s a high cost for minimal coverage.

You can get dessert at the coffee shops. They are generally complimentary.

Many cruises offer room service for free to guests.

You can get free candy by going to the ice cream stand and asking the scooper for a cup of toppings.

You should go to the specialty restaurants in the first day. They usually have the best deals then as most people are going to the buffet.

You should in fact skip the buffet on the first day and find out what different complimentary restaurants that may be open for lunch. An extra bonus is you avoid the crowds.

Remove the drinks from the mini bar and bring your own. Most cruises allow you to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks.

Bring your own reusable water bottles. You can fill them with tap water from the ship.

This isn’t really money saving it’s just something nice. Instead of an alarm clock preschedule a complimentary room service breakfast delivered to your cabin.

Don’t pay for expensive rentals. Bring your own. For example Beach tents, and snorkel gear.

Turn an on board credit into cash. At the on board casino insert your cruise card into the slot machine. Play a few rounds until it’s empty.

Bring cash so you don’t have to use the expensive on board ATM machines. If you run out of cash go to the casino with your credit or debit card and buy some chips. Then go cash out at the purser’s desk.

When it’s raining go to the pool deck it will have a lot less if any people at all.

Use some of the free spa amenities. The spa’s have showers you can use. They also have complimentary soap, and shampoos.

Shop till you drop the last day of the cruise. They typically have big sales in the shops on board the ship.

If you apply for a carnival MasterCard you can get cruises for cheaper or for free.

Use southwest cards to get cruises for free or for cheap.

Make sure you compare cruise prices.

Beware of gratuity over charges. Sometimes tips are already on the bill. So make sure you don’t pay them twice.

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