Clothes on a budget

Most women have tons of clothes. We always seem to want to buy more, but it costs a fortune. Here’s how to look good and spend less.

Get clothes at an outlet mall. There is generally a clearance section at the outlet. It’s like 50% off the already discounted price.

If you want high end brands look for the sales or clearance rack. Also wait for sales. Most brands have a semi-annual sale.

Search Amazon and Ebay for deals and discounts.

Sign up for e-mail and promotional lists.

Shop local second hand/thrift stores.

Don’t spend money on something because it’s cheap. Make sure you will wear it. Also make sure you will wear it more then once. If you aren’t don’t buy it.

Plan what you need before you leave the house. That will help prevent impulse buys.

Hunt for sales and coupons when you’re planning a shopping trip.

Don’t shop unless you need something. If you don’t need new clothes don’t buy them. So many people have tons of clothes they never wear. It’s not worth the money.

Online shopping can sometimes be a good way to find deals and cheap prices.

What do you do to save on Clothes?

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