Financially prepare for maternity leave

Maternity leave can seem like it’s a long ways away. It can go by in a flash so make sure you are prepared for the sneakiness of maternity leave.

Know your rights. Read the laws and work rules around maternity leave.

Contact your heath insurance provider on the cost for birth.

Start saving as soon as you start planning to become pregnant.

Curb your splurging. That doesn’t mean stop entirely, just don’t spend as much.

While you are preparing and on maternity leave work a side hustle. That way you can put aside more money. Less to worry about when baby arrives.

Make an accurate and realistic budget and see where you can realistically cut costs.

Try to have all your debt payed off.

Not many steps but these few steps they can make your maternity leave a breeze. What did you do to prepare for maternity leave? Do you know other people who did different things? What did they do? How prepared were they?

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