Review on the brand Ethique


I was looking for a product that is good for the environment and is mainly natural. I read many companies reviews seeing what would fit my needs and this was the only company that had the general consensus, that not only the product was good, but the company was good as well.  I found that in the brand Ethique. I was looking for a shampoo and conditioner bar. I found much more in this brand as well. Ethique is based in New Zealand and constantly making new products to release.

They are surprisingly easy to get. You can buy them on Amazon or, but it is more expensive then their website Ethique only takes about three weeks, for you to receive your product and that is in the busy season, of Christmas.

This brand is extremely conscious of their footprint that they are leaving behind. All of their packaging is compostable. They don’t use any plastic. Making one kilogram of plastic produces six kilograms of carbon dioxide. Also, making a 350mL bottle takes over 700 mL of water. The shampoo bars have the same amount as three bottles of liquid shampoo. The conditioner bars have the same amount as five bottles of liquid shampoo. Making less packaging overall.

Ethique is a brand that is concerned about the way that animals and humans are treated. The brand does no animal testing. All their products are vegan. They also source to growers that have good working conditions. Ethique also pays them a fair price and it gives the growers a stable income. They donate twenty percent of their profits to charity.

Their environmental footprint is even more impressive. They are proudly a carbon neutral company. They have one tree planted per sale to help make a better carbon footprint.

All their products are palm oil free. The palm oil industry is extremely destructive. Palm oil is very versatile and cheap product to grow. To make palm oil plantations other ecosystems and tropical forests have been cleared. The forests were most of the time burned to make room for these plantations and that leads to a mass production of greenhouse has. Taking out these forests have led to a loss of habitat for many animals and endangered species. So, the lack of use of palm oil is really helping further their mission in keeping environmentally friendly.

As I mentioned earlier, I stumbled across this company looking for shampoo and conditioner bars and I found so much more. This company makes Facial cleansers and moisturizers. They make a bar that removes makeup as well. They have body wash and body scrub bars. There is a bar made for shaving. There is a bar made for laundry that is also a stain remover. They have a line of concentrated products that you dilute with water. This line has house cleaners, hand soap and soaps for the hair and body. They also have a line of washes for babies and pets. The washes for pets are advertised for dogs, but it can also be used for horses and cats. They make what they call minis of the products for traveling and it can be taken to the gym. The exciting thing is that with every order they offer a free mini. That’s a free travel sized product with every order.

I find with bottles of liquid shampoo and conditioner you can spend from five dollars each for a cheap shampoo and conditioner, all they way to twenty for a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Making the bar a cheaper option with the fact that the bars cost at maximum 24 dollars each for the shampoo and conditioner. These bars are also a good quality, so the better match up would be 20 to 24 dollars. The bars are also worth multiple bottles, so it is cheaper to buy the bars. In the many years of using liquid shampoos and conditioners I have also noticed that no matter how hard you try there is always a little bit left in the bottle. It is wasted money. That doesn’t happen with the bars as it can be squished and combined with another bar, put into a soap bag, or melted and remolded. If you save enough you can also use the leftovers of the bars for travel.

Traveling with body wash, facial cleansers, shaving creams, shampoos and conditioners can get heavy and take up a lot of space. The bars take up a lot less space and are a lot lighter. You don’t have to buy the minis designed for travel because the regular sized bars are also lighter and smaller then all your bottles. So, that works out well as well.

This has been a lot of information and a lot of people wouldn’t know what product to start with. Fear not! They have sampler or trail packs that they suggest you get to test out and find your favorite product. They also have starter packs that are good gifts for friends to get them into doing their part for helping the environment.

Ethique is constantly moving forward and trying to do more and better for the world. By the end of 2021, they hope to have planted 200,000 more trees and have a negative carbon footprint. For consumers they hope to expand their lines to fit everyone’s needs. They also hope you have their products in a major USA retailer. Right now, they don’t have shipping to all of the EU and Asia, so they hope to fix that this year. Wish them luck and make sure you look into their products. There is definitely something there for everyone.


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