Liquid VS Bar Shampoo

Shampoo bars have become increasingly more popular. But is there a reason they are becoming popular or is it just a new fad? In one day out the next. Is there something more to this fad? How is it in compare to liquid?

A good quality liquid shampoo and conditioner can run up to $20 a bottle. The bottle may last about a week to a month depending on how much hair you have and how much you use. A shampoo bar can be about $25. This may be more then the liquid up front but ends up being cheaper in the long run. The shampoo bar has about three bottles of liquid shampoo in it. The conditioner has about five liquid bottles of conditioner in it. Therefore, it ends up costing less.

For the environment the shampoo bar is also the way to go. Many of them don’t use palm oil which is destructive to the environment. Also, the boxes they come in can be either recycled or composted depending on the company you buy them from. Since they are also larger than the bottles it leaves less bottles in the landfill.  

Shampoo bars use less fresh water when using and making it. A 350 mL bottle of shampoo uses 100 mL of water in it.

Many of the cheaper shampoos have stripping chemicals in them. More often then not the bars do not have those chemicals in them. Some liquid shampoos can also cause you to lose your hair. A lot of the chemicals in the liquid shampoo should not be used in the hair, but it is used to strip the oil from your hair.

While Liquid shampoo has many more smells then the bar. The shampoo bars tend to use more natural ingredients and use essential oils to make their scents. Making the bar shampoo have much more limited options in the way of scents.

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