Chapter 1:First meeting

Arabella Rothcester’s pov

I’m pacing in my room I hear that I am to marry some guy named Emmett who is deaf I am only 15. Sure I know ASL and I’m a lawyer but I found out because he went and did something illegal for one of his best friends and I have to defend him. This isn’t fair I meet him tomorrow while he is in school.

I wake up the next day and walk in to my amazing ensuite bathroom. I take a shower do my make up and get dressed in a beautiful outfit. I want to leave a good impression on him.

“Arabella come downstairs darling the limo is waiting for you” I hear my father call out.

I run down stairs grab my purse which has all my stuff for Emmett’s case in there and kiss my parents on the cheek hug my older brother and run out the door. I really hope he likes me because I have to spend the rest of my life with him about 1 hour later we pull up to Carlton school for the deaf. I get out everyone is staring at me. I walk up to the first person I see.

Do you know where I could find Emmett Bledsoe, I sign to this girl with red hair.

I’ll take you to him, she signs back. We walk up to the school and walk down the hall to a classroom and walk in we walk right up to this hot sexy bo- I mean man.

Hi are you Emmett? I sign to him

I am he signs back.

I am Arabella Rothcester your betrothed and your lawyer.  I sign super nervous about what he will say

Ok he signs back playing it cool. I think he is acting for his friends.

 Do you think we can talk in private. Go to get coffee or something. You have permission to skip school today.  I sign to him

Sure he signs back

I start to walk out of the class I look back to see if he is fallowing. He fallows me all the way to the limo. I tell the driver to drive us to the nearest coffee shop. We arrive at a Starbucks and I hop out of the limo we walk up to the door. He opens it for me. So he is a gentleman.

What can I get you?  I sign to him

A cappuccino

Ok I reply back. I walk up to the barista and order a cappuccino for Emmett and a double chocolaty chip frap for me both venti’s I got us both those eco cups. I like being good for the environment. I walk back to him and place it on the table.

Are you mad about the betrothal?  I ask timidly.

Not at you, I’m mad at my mom. He replies

 Do you want to talk about your case? Or the betrothal first? I ask

Case let’s get that out of the way


I am essentially going to attack at the way they arrested you. They took you down and didn’t read you your rights or ask if you understood what was going on. Plus you are 15 so they aren’t allowed to take you down unless you pose a threat to yourself or anyone around you and you didn’t. How does that sound?  I look up from the file I’m reading from.

What’s in the file? I hand over the file and let him read it. Okay

That was nice and sweet wasn’t it also if there are any charges placed against you my father will make them go away I promise you are fully protected.

Where are we going to live?

Where do you want to live?

My house with my mom

Okay if your mom agrees we can go live there or if you want a house of our own I can buy one. I can also buy one and not tell anyone and we can use it as a getaway or a place we can hang out with our friends at.

I like the sound of that. I think this will be pretty smooth.

Well I was raised to do whatever you want so if you tell me to quit my job I have to but please don’t

I won’t unless it will get you hurt.

It shouldn’t unless I’m pregnant but by then I will go on maternity leave

Okay then feel free to keep working

Look at the time it’s already noon I sign him wanna go out for lunch?

Sure can we pick up a few of my friends I want them to meet you? He asks

Sure the more the merrier I say happily

We walk to the limo and the drive back is slow we sit there just looking at each other and playing footsie. Which is enough for me right now. He seems like a really sweet guy, gentlemanly. I’m excited to get to know more about him. We pull up to Carlton and he hops out to go grab all his friends. I wait in the limo day dreaming of what life will be like in our future.