Chapter 2: Getting to know the other Slytherin’s

Arriving in the Slytherin Common room it’s dark but lots of green. It also has a window looking underwater into the lake where you can see the squid. I can see an older student doing Morse code with the squid. I remember Draco telling me about him having conversations with the squid. It apparently seems to make the squid happy. I will have to try it sometime. I love the Slytherin common room. I feel like it’s home. I see Blaise and lilly already sitting on the couch. Draco And I sit cuddled up on one side of another couch. Theo joins. So does Crab, Goyle and Pansy. Zuko and Damon from Salem join us. We decide to play never have I ever. Lilly and I aren’t allowed drinking alcohol per our betrothal contracts so we just get juice. The boys pull out the fire whisky. Us girls we pull all the knowledge we have ever known about the boys.

“Josie you go first.” Draco says

“I’ll start this easy. Never have I ever had to work a summer job.”

All the guys drink. Off to a good start to my left is Theo

“Never have I ever had a hangover.”

Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy and Blaise drink. I’m surprised Pansy is allowed to drink.

“Never have I ever swam with the squid” Pansy says

Draco and Blaise both drink

“Do I want to ask?” Lilly Askes

“No!” Both boys say firmly

“Never have I ever had to cum on the tables in great hall” Goyle says

“Gross” Lilly and I say

Crabbe, Theo, Blaise and Draco all drink. I turn to Draco.

“I can’t believe you would do that.” I say appalled

“It was a dare love. I would never do it willingly.” He says

“Alright that’s fine then.” I say feeling a little bit better.

We keep going in circles until the boy are nice and drunk. I take Draco up to his room and put him to bed.

“I love you Josie.” He says “I’ve missed you so much while you been gone.”

I transfigure his clothes into pajama pants and a t-shirt. I then pull up his blankets then kiss his forehead. I walk down to the cottages built for us outside. I walk into mine and lilly’s. I see that lilly is already in bed so I turn out the lights and go to bed myself.