Chapter 2: Rescued

Night fall arrives and I hear plenty of gun shots. I know my rescuers are here. A gorgeous man who I have been watching my whole life walks in.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”  I say

“Oh really you have?” the man says

“Yes I am all seeing and all knowing and you are grant ward.” I say confidently

“Yeah I am let’s get you outta here and talk about this later.” He says rushed

“Of course this way” I say leading him out of my room I run through the halls that I have only seen in visions. I have been waiting for freedom for a long time.

We navigate through the halls. I stop suddenly. Grant runs into me.

“You will have to go in front of me have your gun ready to shoot you will have to shoot to your left then to your right in five, four, three, two, one” I say then he shot two guys.

We keep running we reach a door. The door to freedom.

“Is it weird for me to be scared?” I whisper to grant.

“No it’s not” grant says soothingly “We really need to get going”

I take a step out. It’s sunny. It feels warm. The sun burns my eyes so I close them. Grant hands me a pair of sunglasses.

“These are specially designed to block out massive amounts of sunlight” grant says.

I put them on and I see a massive plane. Grant walks towards it. I fallow slowly behind him touching everything.  We come to a lounge area.

“I remember this” I say in awe of actually feeling it.

“How you’ve never been here” grant says

“Because I am the all seeing all knowing I can see stuff that is going to happen.” I reply

“What’s your name anyway?” grant asks while popping what I guess a beer is open.

“I don’t have one” I look at the floor with tears in my eyes

“Well let’s come up with one” grant says in a happy voice. I look up really fast and see him smiling. He pats the spot beside him and I go sit next to him. “How about hope?” he asks “you held out hope for being rescued almost your whole life”

“I like it” I say smiling. “How old are you?”

“I’m 20” grant says

“I’m 17” I reply back

I curl into his side and he puts his arm around me. We talk for a little while longer. We ask about our pasts and a little bit about our future. I fall asleep on him. It’s nice and quiet on the big plane, surprisingly. I wake up to hear people talking. I look around I’m still curled into Grants side. I see two Women and a man sitting on other couches. They are talking with Grant while drinking something.

“What are we gonna do with this girl” One of the women says

“Hope!” Grant replies forcefully. Like he’s had to do it many times already. “I’m not sure. She seems like she would be very helpful in taking down Hydra. It seems like she can see and hear things we will only find out later.”

“I guess but I don’t think Coulson will agree.” The woman says.

I finally look at her she has very dark brown hair. She is wearing a hoodie and jeans. I get sucked into a vision.

*I see an office type room. I see Grant and the girl and a different seemingly older man and a woman in a black jump suit with black hair.

“I think she should stay” Grant argues

“She doesn’t belong here” the brown-haired woman says.

“Like you do Skye” Grant says

“Of course, I do belong here I’m part of the team.” Skye the brown-haired woman fights back.

“You didn’t belong to start out though” the old man says “I think Hope should stay. I think it would do her some good to fight against the people who held her hostage. Did she say how long she was held hostage?”

“Yeah since she was 3 or 4. She says her mom sold her to Hydra for alcohol.” Grant says with a look of pity on his face.

I look around and see looks of pity on most peoples faces.

“Well she is staying.” The older man says. Skye tries to protest “It’s final Skye. Grant, she seems close to you. You can train her and see what she in capable of.” *

I look up at Grant.

“Hey your awake” He says looking down.

“Yeah I have been for a while. I saw an older man who is he?” I ask curiously

“That I imagine is Coulson. He runs this ship and is head of this team. Where did you meet him?” Grant askes.

“I didn’t silly you do.” I say giggling. Grant gives me a confused look. “You go see him to ask if I can stay. He says yes.”

“Well that’s believable.” Skye says

“Okay Skye whatever you say.” I reply. Everyone looks at me shocked.  “You should still go talk to him. He has questions. Only Skye and Grant go though” I say when I notice everyone else go to get up.

Grant pulls himself up from me and with Sky he heads up the stairs to the office. I watch him walk away. He looks good. I don’t understand what’s going on in my head though.