Chapter 2: Summoning The Demon

We join Clary in the other room a while later. I can’t deny the pentagram looks amazing. “Jocelyn was right. Your artistry is beyond compare.” My dad compliments.

“I don’t know about that.” Clary says deflecting

“oh the only other person I’ve known who can draw so well was Michael Angelo. Who was excellent in bed I might add” My dad says

I cringe “No you may not add. I could have gone my entire life without knowing that and I would have turned out just fine dad” I snark.

“Okay, we are ready. Everyone take your rightful place on the pentagram.” My dad says. I take my place beside him. Blondie shows Clary where her place is. I feel a prickle in my spine “We must initiate a bond. Once this bond is sealed it can not be broken until the demon retreats. No matter what happens We must not let go of each others’ hands.” My dad says seriously. We all grab hands. I am standing in between my dad and blondie. I grab both of their hands. I notice blondie’s hands are warm and rough. Like a man who uses his hands a lot. Like a strong shadow hunters hands should feel.

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“I will lea the ceremony and you all must do exactly as I say” My dad says “The demons name in Velac and at some point he will ask for payment in exchange for Clary’s memories.”

“What do you mean? What kind of payment?” Blondie asks

“We will see” I reply

“Let us begin” My dad says My dad starts chanting for him to come.

“The necklace it’s pulsing” The female says. We watch it pulse faster and faster until we see a black tornado.

“He is among us” My father states. No duh dad. “Do not break the bond.”

“Hold on” Blondie tells Clary

“I’m trying” she replies

“It is time. The demon demands payment.” My dad tell everyone

“What does it want?” Alec asks

“We must each relinquish a beloved memory of the one we love the most.”

Isabelle goes first it’s Alec. Then Clary it’s of her mother. The Alec goes it’s of Blondie.

“No, It’s not true” Alec says becoming visibly agitated. “The demon deceived me.”

“Do not break the bond!” I yell.

“Alec it’s okay.” The girl says.

“No!” Alec yells then breaks the bond.

“Alec!” I hear blondie yell

“NO!” My dad yells then everything becomes chaotic. We all break bond. My dad and I start using our magic to contain the demon. “We can not contain the demon much longer.” He tells the hunters.

Alec goes to the demon, but blondie steps pushing him away yelling “No!” I pull out my seraph blade knowing I’m going to need it. The demon grabs blondie.

“Jace!” The girl yells while trying to pull blondie out of the demons clutches. “Grab him” She tell Alec. Alec grabs his other arm.

“Hold on” Alec says. My dad still fighting the demon with magic. I moving around looking for an opening or the okay to stab the demon.

“The demon is growing stronger” My dad yells. I start to panic.

“He’s slipping!” Alec yells back.

“Clary help us!” The girl yells to Clary. Clary stands frozen at the door.

“D if you kill the demon Clary’s memories will be lost forever!” My dad yells. Seeing me getting ready to pounce. I finally pounce and stab it. It makes a screeching noise. Everyone gets thrown back a bit. The girl, Alec and I all go to Jace. He’s passed out

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“Jace get up!” Alec says.

“Is he going to be alright?” I ask my dad.

“I don’t know. Does he normally just lay like that without moving?” My dad replies. I burst out laughing trying to relieve myself.

Clary storms up to me “Why would you do that? You ruined my only chance of getting my memories back!” She yells at me.

“I saved your friend while you stood in the doorway ready to book it to save your own ass. You owe me a thank you.” I reply.

She storms off.

“Get up, Jace” Alec says again

Jace gasps then gets up. I stumble back to give him some room. He starts coughing and holding his stomach. Please don’t throw up. I got a weak stomach. He starts breathing heavy “I’m alright”

“Sure you are blondie” I say and getting up to walk over to Alec “There nothing to be ashamed of Alec”

“I don’t know what your talking about.” Alec replies.

“You will” I finish walking out of the room. My dad follows me.

“I’m glad your okay Angel” My dad says “Your all grown up”

“Yeah I guess I am. I killed my first demon.” I reply smiling up at him.

Later on Jace walks up to me. “Thanks. I heard you saved my life.” He says Sitting down on the couch next to me. I look up at him.

“It’s all good. I would hope you would have done the same for me.” I reply Looking back down at the runes book in my lap.

“What are you? Your obviously not just shadow hunter.” He asks

“I’m a shadow hunter and a warlock. My mom is a shadow hunter. My dad well you’ve met him.” I reply honestly.

“Well thank you.” He says.

“No thank you” I say.


“Because, you gave me the chance to fight my first demon. You see I never really fit in anywhere. Not with the Warlocks or with the shadow hunters. It was nice to feel like I had a place for once. It felt right killing that demon.” I said smiling up at him.

“I’m glad I can help. You can come to the institute and train with me anytime if you would like.” He offers

“I don’t think the clave would approve.” I reply looking back down sadly.

“But I bet Alec would approve and that’s who matters. It’s a save place for shadow hunters. Your technically a shadow hunter.” He says encouraging me.

“Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I reply chuckling. He gets up and leaves the room. I look at the door as he closes it behind himself.

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