Chapter 2

“Wait what?” Jack asked standing there frozen.

“I got pregnant that night. Raziel is yours.” I explain.

“And you kept this to yourself this entire time?” He said visibly getting upset.

“I new you were being recruited to the eye. I was the one that suggested you. I didn’t want to ruin that chance for you. I new with a little guidance you could be an amazing magician.” I said “I new if I had told you about him you would give up your dream and I couldn’t let you do that. I had more then enough money for him and I. Remember I left you three grands on the table before I left.”

“Yeah I remember that. I couldn’t figure out why you would do that.”

“I saw you steal that man’s wallet. I imagined if I hadn’t woken up first you would have tried to steal my wallet finding out that you couldn’t. So, I left the money on my wallet for you. It was 3 grands in my wallet for just some spending cash. I make millions a day. Every time I do a show it’s even more. My parents made sure I was smart in the way I made money and saved it. They said a passive income is the best income.” I explained

“Seriously? You make millions a day? Then why are you a part of the eye? Why do you do magic?”

“Because I’m love magic. It’s my hobby.” I say, “Would you like to hold your son?”

“That will take some time getting used to.” He says nervously laughing. He holds out his hands to hold him.

“Just hold him in the crook of your elbow.” I explain. “If you smile at him, he will smile back”

He smiles at him and Raz smiles back. I smile at the two and I notice that they both have the same smile. They both look so much alike the only thing he has is my eyes. Otherwise he looks exactly like Jack. I notice the other horsemen walking up.

“Who’s this little guy?” Merritt asks us

“He’s my son.” Jack says in awe.

“Let’s head back to the hotel. I can answer your questions then.” I say to them.

We get in the limo to the hotel Aria and go to the penthouse suite. We all sit around the couche asking each other questions about our pasts and our tricks. Jack hasn’t set Raz down at all and I don’t want to break up the moment, but it is getting late. “Jack, Raziel needs to go to bed now. Would you like to learn his night time routine?” I ask

“Yeah” He says getting up from the couch. We head upstairs.

“First, he needs a bath, then I read him a small story, then I put him down in his bed. He will usually fall asleep after. I don’t give him a bottle to sleep because I noticed that he won’t soak the bed and himself overnight.” I explain. As we walk into the bathroom. I brought his suitcase into the bathroom that Ih ad brought with me to the show. I pulled out a new diaper, pj’s, his nighttime wash and lotion.

“Do babies really need that much stuff?” Jack askes with wide eyes looking at the big suitcase.

“When they are this young yeah, you need a crazy amount of clothes. They go through so many outfits a day. He is still breastfeeding, so I didn’t need to bring him food or cereal.” I explain. While filling the bath with the right temperature of water. “Hold him while you bath him, so he doesn’t fall in and drown.”

“Wow that’s a lot to take in. So, you breastfeed?” Jack says while washing Raz

“Yeah I do. I also pump so, you can feed him if he wakes up. He usually sleeps through the night though. He will wake up at 7 am for a feeding he will go back to sleep right after till 9.” I say pulling out a towel out of his suitcase.

“Seriously? You have him on a nice schedule.” Jack says while pulling him out and putting him in the towel.

“Make sure he doesn’t get cold otherwise he will pee on you. Get the diaper on as fast as you can.” I say handing him the pj’s “I try to keep him on the same schedule even when Lilly has him. I want him to know what comes next that way he doesn’t get as destressed.” Raz starts crying

“What did I do?” Jack asked lifting the clothed and diapered Raz.

“Nothing, he was up later today, because I didn’t want to separate you two. He is just over tired.” I say standing up. “Time to go read him a story. I put him in his own room. He will wake up less.”

We walk to the room I made him. Jack is rocking him and shushing him. We walk into the room there is a playpen in the middle of the room. I have the camera to the baby monitor set up that way Jack can see him anytime he wants. I hand Jack a small board book. “Take your time reading. It’s a very small book but he likes to touch the animal’s fur.”

“Alright.” Jack agrees while I get up and head to the door “Where are you going?”

“You got this. I’m going to change that way I can go to sleep shortly after he’s asleep. Morning comes very fast when you have a baby.” I explain while walking to my room.

I change into a t-shirt and a small pair of shorts. I then pull out my book. I sit on my bed and open my book and start to read. It’s called Fooling Houdini. Jack then walks in. “He’s in bed what next?”

“I’ll just go give him a kiss goodnight” I say getting up.

I hand Jack a screen as I pass him at the door. “What’s this?”

“His baby monitor. I thought you would want it today.” I say while kissing my boy good night, turning out the light then closing the door behind us.

“Yeah, but can we talk first?” He asks

“Yeah we can talk in my room.” I say leading him to my room I shut the door behind him. I sit on the bed and pat the bed beside me. “So, what do you want to talk about?”