Chapter 3: Fighting for Luke’s life

Mind if we pay your vet bills?

My dad and I are relaxing at home when all of a sudden Clary and a mundane come storming in with my uncle on their shoulders. He looks hurt. I run and grab a sheet for the couch.

“What happened?” I ask.

“He was attacked” The Mundane responds.

“He needs a warlock” Clary says. “He needs you.”

“Put him here” my dad gestures to the couch with the sheet on it.

“Where are you? I can’t find you. Where are you?” My uncle says in his delirium. I start to shh him. I go hold his hand hoping to comfort him. “Jocelyn! Jocelyn!” He starts yelling out.

“No Luke it’s clary. Can you hear me?” She says holding his other hand.

“Clary listen to me. Listen to me. You have to listen to me. I have to tell you just in case.” Luke Whispers.

“No don’t even say that. Not don’t” Clary says shaking her head.

“Listen to me. No you need to know. Listen.” Luke keeps repeating over and over again deliriously.

“Was he bitten by an alpha?” I ask the group.

“Yeah, why?” The mundane asks.

“Three, Two, one,” My dad counts down and my uncle shows his wolf side. His eyes change to an emerald green. He growls loudly. Luke starts to struggle against Clary’s hold. My dad gets up to get some ingredients to help him.

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“Where do you think your going?” The Mundane askes my dad.

My dad puts up a figure symbolizing one minute. “Hold him down.” He says. I switch my grip to help hold him down. My dad comes back with a bowl of bark “We don’t have a lot of time.” My dad puts a piece of bark he grabbed in Luke’s mouth. “It will take a few minutes to take effect.”

“What’s happening?” Clary askes.

“Random werewolf transformation. It’s a side effect of the poison in the alpha bite.” I reply as Luke start to calm and I sit back a little.

My dad and I step into the other room gathering ingredients to make a concoction that will heal Luke. We walk back in the room carrying a bunch of different ingredients. “The bark with stop the transformations now, but Luke need an antidote to stop the poison in his system and I don’t have all the ingredients here.” My dad says. I start to organize the ingredients we do have.

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“Just tell me what you need and how to get it.” Clary says.

“No, you stay here” My father says. “Luke will need to if he wakes up”

“When he wakes up.” Clary says

“I can get them.” I volunteer.

“I need you here angel. To help me.” My dad replies.

“I’ll go” Simon says

The Jace runs in. “I’ll go” Jace states

“Jace,” I walk over “What happen to you?” I ask tenderly touching his face.

“Luke’s car may have found it’s way into a pole when I was stashing it. I don’t do mundane driving.” Jace says obviously upset.

“Yeah apparently” The mundane says.

“It’s alright Jace. I can’t drive either. Not that I would ever need to.” I tell him.

Jace wipes the blood from his nose with a tissue I hand him. “What do you need from the antidote?” Jace asks turning to my dad after smiling a thanks at me.

“Hey, I got this.” The mundane says. I chuckle at the mundane. He is very funny. Jace and I share a look saying he doesn’t got this.

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“My dad will need Phineox eyes, moon salt, and Idris fulgurite.” I say

“One trip to the pharmacy, it will take two seconds.” The Mundane says starting to walk out of the room.

Jace grabs his arm “I know a guy and ah I don’t need him” Jace says looking at the mundane.

“Too bad, your getting me” The mundane says facing Jace. “We’ll be right back”

“One more thing. I need Alexander.” I say trying to set up my father with Alec.

“Why do you need Alec?” Jace askes looking hurt.

“Virgin Shadow hunter energy and your obviously not a virgin so..” I explain.

“That explains so much” The mundane says.

“Um, Alec, Yeah, I can’t” Jace says shaking his head.

“Jace just ask please?” I say “You guy need to talk if you haven’t already.”

“Trouble in paradise” my dad says popping up behind Jace.

Jace turns away and grabs the mundane “Just don’t speak to me” He tells the mundane.

My dad and I start mixing ingredients in a small cauldron.

“What’s all this for?” Clary asks

“The base for the potion.” I reply I start to stir “It’s got to be read by the time your boy toys get back”

“What if they don’t get back in time?” Clary asks

“You really can’t think like that biscuit.” My dad says

“That’s all I can think about. Magnus, I don’t know if I can do this anymore.” Clary says giving up. “I’m an art student. All my adventures are supposed to be two dimensional.”

“Who say?” I ask

“Me, look it is one thing to draw monsters and demons but it is completely different to see them up close and personal. I don’t know what I’m doing.” Clary explains

“None of use no what we are doing.” I say

“Don’t sell yourself short. You forget I’ve seen you in action Clary Fairchild.” Mu father says adding things to the cauldron.

“Jocelyn, Don’t!” Luke says all of a sudden.

“I’m here” Clary says running to him. I look at him sadly. I look at my dad meeting his eyes begging him to save my uncle.

My dad runs over “Here let me take your pain away. Agitation only make a venom work faster.”

“No, I need to tell Clary” Luke says to my dad.

“Save your strength” Clary says to Luke

“No, you need to know, please.” Luke says.

“Dad, do it” I say as Luke begins to start yelling in pain.

“You need to tell her, all of it” Luke says. My dad nods. He then magics the pain away like he used to do to me when I hurt myself as a kid.

“The poisons spreading” My dad says, “Your suiters need to hurry.”

“What’s so important that Luke risked his life?” Clary asks.

“Everything Jocelyn hoped to hide from you.” My dad says. My dad makes a pencil and blank paper appear.

“Why?” She asks

“When you were younger. I’d watch you sketching. It was your bliss. You’re gonna need some bliss now.”

“Back then, there wasn’t a day I didn’t draw. It was like breathing. Now, I look at this blank page and I barely even know what to do. Sometimes I feel like my art, my memories My life, it all vanished with that Memory Demon.”

“Your art, everything you are, are all still here. You’re the women your mother always new you could be.”

“But tried to keep me from being.”

“That’s why you need to know how you got here.” My father says as I step out of the room and go to my room. I don’t want to hear this story again. I’ve heard it enough times. I still find it upsetting for my uncle. My uncle doesn’t deserve what happened to him. I pull open my runes book to study them some more. I hope to know all the runes possible, one day.