Chapter 3

“Us, I wanted to talk about us” Jack said looking down at his hands in his lap.

“What about us?” I ask

“Did you even like me or was I just a one-night stand for you?” He asks the question I’ve been waiting what feels like forever for.

“No, you weren’t just a one-night stand. I had to watch you for a long time to see if you would fit with this group. In the time I watched you I fell for you. Sleeping with you that night was not a good judgment call on my part. I wanted you to fall for me too over time” I finally get off my chest. Jack slowly looks up at me.

“So, do you wanna give this a shot? Try dating? Try being a couple? For Us and Raziel. I think he at least deserves us to try.” Jack says. I sometimes find it hard to believe we are only 19.

“Yeah, I would love that.” I smile at him. “If you want to get changed then come watch some TV in here while I read you are more then welcome”

“Kay, I’ll be right back” He runs to his room. I a short amount of time he comes back in just a pair of sweats. He lies on the be propping himself up with the headboard. He flips on the TV to some reruns of the walking dead. I open my book and start to read and in no time at all we are both falling asleep. I wake up in the morning with his arms around me. I slowly slip out of his arms. I look at the time it’s 6:30. I slip on a robe and slippers. I walk down stairs and into the kitchen to start on breakfast. I get lost in my thoughts thinking of Jack. I start cooking the pancakes. I hear a noise behind me, and I quickly turn.

“Morning Aurora” Merritt says rubbing his eyes

“Morning Merritt, I hope you had a good sleep. Coffee should be made.” I say calmly turning back to flip the pancakes.

“Your wide awake” Merritt says casually.

“Yeah, when you have a kid who wakes at 7, you try to be up a little bit earlier to get stuff done. I didn’t have anything to do so I started breakfast for everyone. Also, Jack is grabbing him today.” I say all of a sudden, I hear quiet crying. “Here we go. Let’s see if Jack can grab him, change him then bring him down to make him some milk.”

“I think he has this.” Merritt says confidently

A few minutes later I hear cooing and someone whispering. “Hi Jack.” I greet “Hello Raziel”

“Hey Aurora, Merritt” He greets. “How do I make him milk?”

“Well I put it in the fridge yesterday. I made you a boiling pot of water over here. Just put the bottle in till the milk feels warm to the inside of your wrist.” I say. He put Raziel on the floor and starts to do his task. “Make sure you still watch Raz he may not crawl, but he rolls. He will roll fast sometimes.” I stand there and watch Raz rolling around on the floor sticking his hands and feet in his mouth.

Once the milk is warmed up he props Raz in his arm and starts to feed him. It goes rather smoothly. I finish making breakfast then head upstairs to pack. I also pack Jacks stuff, because I have an odd feeling he will forget. I bring the bags downstairs and everyone is lounging around but Henley. I guess she is still upstairs packing. I go join Raz and Jack on the ground playing. Suddenly, I hear the door bang open. “FBI! Hands where I can see ’em! FBI!” I hear people yell waving guns. Jack is quick to grab Raziel and put him behind him and he puts his hands up. I put my hands up and watch Raz out of the corner of my eye.

“Uno minuto” Merritt says holding up one finger on one hand and still holding his book and reading with the other. Daniel puts his hands up. Henley is still not here.

“Put ’em up!” The FBI agent says, “Put the book down!”

“Okay you got me.” Merritt says putting his hands up in peace signs.

Henley steps out on the balcony and an FBI agent yells “Freeze hands in the air”

“Oh my” She says putting he hands up “Do one of you guys mind giving us a hand with our bags?”

Some of the agents grab the bags. One of the agents goes to pick up Raziel “I wouldn’t do that” I say.

“And why not?” The agent asks

“The scandal the FBI would have on their hands. Taking a crying baby away from their cooperative mother. You would never live that down” I say

I watch then cuff everyone else “Alright you may carry him” The agent relents after thinking about it for a second.

As we walk out of the Hotel, we hear cheers. We smile as we pass. Finally they lead us into a car.

“Are you alright?” Jack asks me

“Raziel and I are both fine.” I say “Raz is just a little scared of all the strangers. He’s not used to being around so many strangers.” I hold Raz in his lap and Raz grabs on to his shirt and holds tightly. Raz has one of his rattles in his mouth. We arrive at the FBI quarters they separate us. I can see a look of panic cross Jack’s face. “We will be alright Jack” I yell to him. They put Raz and I in a room. I put Raz on the ground to play and they cuff me to the table. Then they leave. I just sit there alone talking to Raz. I tell him a bit about his dad as I always do and tell him that his dad misses him.