Fan Fictions

Looking After Betrothed (Harry Potter Fanfiction) Draco Malfoy and OC

When a man is betrothed in the wizarding world he spends his holidays working with his father to buy her things to impress her. They learn young to look after their betrothed and provide for them. They work out a deal with their parents to make money for their betrothed’s items, clothes, schooling and any extras they may want or need. Draco’s betrothed attends Salem elite. What if Draco’s betrothed is with a group of Salemites that attend Hogwarts for the remainder of 2 years? Can he provide her everything she desires? What does the Golden trio have to say about this?

All Seeing All Knowing (Agents of shield) Grant Ward and OC

The team get into Hydra and find a girl locked up. They need to find out who she is, Why she is locked up, But can they do that before Grant falls for her? After they all know who she is and what she has done will they want to keep her on the team? Will Grant act on his feelings? Does he want to start a family? Does he want to make a family better then the one he was born into?

Arranged (Switched at birth) Emmett and OC

Melody needed help while she was pregnant so she reached out to the ever so rich rothchester’s but in return she had to sign a contract for her first born son to marry their first born daughter. how will Emmett take the news and learn to co-exist with a hearing rich genius. How will she take it as well? can they learn to love each other? (Bay and Emmett never together shes with Ty)

Raving Love (Shadowhunters) Jace and OC, Magnus and Alec

Magnus has a daughter with a shadowhunter. What happens if Jace falls for her when they meet at the rave? What happens when Magnus and Alec fall I love? What does she think of Clary? How does she stay downwind of Valentine?

Five horsemen and a baby (No you see me) Jack and OC

Jack slept with a girl a year ago. She was the one that recommended him to the eye, but he didn’t know that. He also didn’t know he got her pregnant. What happens when he finds out? What if she is the Fifth horsemen? How does Jack take to fatherhood?