Serial Killers that were never caught

  1. Jack the Ripper
    Jack the ripper is one of the most well-known serial killers that was never caught. When you are asked to name a serial killer, you will probably think Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper is suspected of killing five prostitute women between August 31st to November 9th, 1888. He killed in and around the area of Whitechapel district in London. It is suspected he killed up to a dozen murders until 1892, but it has not been proven.

It is believed that the Killer had some knowledge of human anatomy. The bodies had slit throats and bodies mutilated.

The police received taunts by someone claiming to be Jack the Ripper. They Received several notes and on one occasion half of a human kidney thought to be cut from one to the victims.

There have been many people suspected of being Jack the Ripper all the way from a Prince to someone who got incarcerated on a different set of murders.

  1. Zodiac Killer
    The Zodiac killer killed five people and attempted to kill two. He was killing from December 20th, 1968 to October 11th, 1969. The Zodiac killer is well known for spreading fear and panic by sending ciphers, letters and threats to police and the media.

After the first murder where two lovers were killed it was unknown whether there was a serial killer. It was blamed on the ex boyfriend till a man called the police after the second murder claiming that he committed both murders.

There was witnesses that claimed they saw a white male who is 25 to 30. He was wearing glasses and had a crew cut. Only one of the four ciphers have been officially solved. Though he claimed he killed 37 people it is unknown whether this is the truth.

There are hundreds of books written about him. It is suspected that the Zodiac killer stopped killing because he almost got caught. Serial killers can stop killing if something in their lives change says the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime.

  1. Doodler
    A lesser known killer is the Doodler or the Black Doodler. The main press did ignore the murders, but the alternative press covered the case diligently until the murders stopped. He has five confirmed victims. He killed gay white males from 1974 to 1975 in the San Francisco area.

He received his name by the way he lured his victims. He lured them by drawing their portraits and offered gay sex to them.

There was still a large stigma around the gay community. So, getting witnesses to come forward was a difficult task. The witnesses that did come forward refused to identify the killer. A foreign diplomat had been attacked and stabbed six times would not testify, because he didn’t want to be found out as gay. It was a difficult time for that community.

The police had a prime suspect in 1977. He had a quiet personality and had above average intelligence, he also had studied at an art school as described by a psychiatrist who is said to have treated the suspect in 1976. The psychiatrist said the suspect had confessed the killings to him as well. When confronted by the police the suspect spoke freely but did not admit to committing the murders.

In 2019, an article was released in USA Today that the police are offering a $100,000 reward to anyone that helps close this cold case. A new police sketch was released. The police are hoping with the DNA and medical advances they will be able to solve this case and get justice for the victim’s families.

  1. The I-70 killer
    Six people were murdered on the interstate 70. Five were brunette females that worked at stores off the I-70. The male was believed to be a mistake. That the killer thought he was a female. He wore his long hair in a ponytail. They were all shot with a .22-caliber rifle to the head. These killings were in the spring of 1992.

Witnesses identify the killer as a while male who has red hair. His height would be about 5’8” to 6’. He would weigh from 170 pounds. It was believed in 1994 he was between 35 and 40 years old. The police believe he would be in his 50s now.

He possible also killed two other women and another attempted murder in 1993 and 1994 in Texas. The one victim was left paralyzed.

This case has been covered on both Americas’ most wanted and Dark minds

  1. The Honolulu strangler
    The Killer was also referred to as the Honolulu Rapist as he Raped and killed five women in Honolulu. He killed from 1985 to 1986. The police had a 27-person taskforce and help from the FBI and Green River taskforce, but they still couldn’t find out who the killer was.

The police did find a prime suspect, Howard Gay Dutcher. His ex wife and girlfriend said he was a “smooth talker” like the profile created suggested. The profile also suggested he has a sexual preference in bondage, with a predilection to tying the victim’s hands behind their backs. Evidence suggested the killer also had a vasectomy. Dutcher’s ex wife also stated that they had arguments and he left till the next morning before each killing. Witnesses described the same kind of car Dutcher drove.

There was a witness that saw one of the victims with Howard Dutcher just before the victim’s assault and murder. The witness backed out believing Dutcher saw her as well and she feared for her life. She did successfully pick him out in a line up.

Dutcher left to the mainland and the killings stopped. He died in 2012 but it is still considered an open, but cold case.

  1. Delphine LaLaurie
    Unlike most of the serial killers on this list, this serial killer is known and a female. Female serial killer although uncommon it does happen. She was born to a wealthy family. Lalaurie was born in 1787 in what is now New Orleans. She was first married when she was around 14 years old. She was widowed twice and had five children. For her third marriage she married a doctor and moved to a lavish mansion where she committed her crimes.

While it was common to abuse your slaves there were guidelines to avoid excessive abuse. There were laws to have a certain standard of care for slaves. There was at least two times where court representatives had to remind the LaLaurie household. There were many allegations made against Delphine. There was a witness that Delphine pushed a little boy off the roof then buried him. It was also said that her two daughters were beat by her if they showed kindness to the slaves.

There was a fire set in the kitchen in 1834. A slave that was found chained to the stove, tried to commit suicide. They had found seven more slaves that had been flayed and had on spiked iron collars to prevent head movement. There were many buried bodies found on the property as well. These slaves were suspended by the neck and had their limbs stretched and torn.

Delphine fled but it is unknown where she ended up. Some say Paris, France. It is also unknown the exact date she died with conflicting reports of 1842 and 1849. Thought the home is still a tourist attraction and can be seen from the outside. It is now a private residence, so no inside tours are given.

  1. The Cleveland Torso Murderer
    Cleveland was considered unsafe between 1935 and 1938 where a killer ran free murdering at least 12 people. Each body was dismembered and only two were ever identified. The mutilations begun in September on 1935 when two boys found the first body. Two detectives were put on the case full time. Detectives Peter Merylo and Marin Zelewski both had interviewed more then 1,500 people by the time the case went cold. It was the biggest investigation made by the police in Cleveland history.

County Sherriff arrested a suspect Frank Dolezal. His confession seemed couched though and he was found dead in his cell, before he could go to trial. He possibly committed suicide it is still unknown. He is no longer a suspect in the case. Eliot Ness the Safety Director had someone he believed was the killer. The suspect sent letters to Ness taunting him after the killings had ceased.

The case records from the police were lost, destroyed or removed. 2011 the Daughter of one of the lead detectives Peter Merylo gave copies of the files on the case to the Cleveland Police Museum. With recently discovered documents sheading like on the truth of what occurred during these years, new conclusions could be drawn soon enough.

  1. The long island Serial killer
    Also known as the Gilgo Beach killer had been operating for twenty years. It’s one of the most recent on this list. The Police realized there was a serial killer active in May 2010, but it started as a kidnapping case. In December 2010 a police officer discovered the remains of a body wrapped in burlap. The police searched the highway where the body was found and two days later found tree more bodies.

All four bodies had many things in common. They were in their twenties, all sex workers advertised on craigslist. All of them died of strangulation. There were all clothed but missing their shoes. Two of the victims disappeared in 2007 and 2009. The other two disappeared in late 2010. By late 2011 there was six more victims. Four of them following the same pattern as before. One was a baby girl, the daughter of one of the sex workers and the most puzzling was a male sex worker they found.

The mother of the baby had been found in 1997 and some of the parts of another victim had been discovered in 1996. The kidnapping victim that set this whole case off, her body was found. She had be strangled in a marsh in late 2011.

There had been four suspects in this case. Two have been since cleared. Two of the suspects are serving time in prison on unrelated charges. Evidence suggests that there are possible two serial killers. It is very unlikely that a serial killer would devolve. More often then not they become more sadistic as their body count gets higher and it goes unnoticed.

There was new evidence released in 2020 a belt that was handled by a suspect. It didn’t belong the victims. No more comments have been made though.

  1. Manchester Canal Pusher
    This is the only case on this list where it is uncertain if there is a serial killer at large.

There is a legend of a serial killer drowning people in the canals. Many bodies have been pulled from the canals. A victim got attacked and pushed into the cold water. He managed to get himself out of the water.

The police deny that there is a killer. 86 bodies were found in the canals over the past six years. It could just be a popular dumping ground. At least 15 of the bodies are open cases. Many of the deaths have been ruled accidents. Many of the deaths have been men on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.

Some people think the pusher helped pad the numbers of bodies found in the canal. The decision is left up to you if you believe if there is a serial killer or not.

  1. Skid Row Stabber
    He is suspected of killing 11 victims in 1978 to 1979. The bodies were majority stabbed in their upper bodies. A man was arrested for the crimes, but the case was circumstantial.

The prosecution made the man arrested seem like a Satanist. The man, Bobby Maxwell said he was innocent all along. His cell mate testified against him stated he told him about how he committed the murders. It was later discovered that Maxwell’s cell mate would testify for prosecution to get time off his sentence or special treatment.

While his lawyers were trying to get the cases overturned, Maxwell had a heart attack. He is in the hospital unable to speak or move as a result of the heart attack. His lawyers are now trying to get him compassionate release.

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